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The Family and Pet Guide is a full color digest size monthly magazine that features local family, kid and pet oriented businesses.

​We reach area families through our monthly magazine, email blast, SEO marketing, social media, and attending and/or sponsoring family, kid, and pet-oriented events. We reach active buyers, period!

Local families use the Family and Pet Guide to learn about quality services, products, classes, activities, events, and resources for the entire family.


We also provide you, the advertiser, with the most affordable, state-of-the-art, family-friendly and thorough marketing available. We're advertisement driven. Your ad will not compete with articles for attention.

Our current special online advertising offers:

  • Coupon - $95/year

  • Ad spotlight - $149/year

  • Sponsorship ad - $195/ year

Don't have a coupon or ad designed? Don't worry. Our talented graphic designers can customize one for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would love to EARN your business!​

All print advertisers get the digital edition for free!

Submitting Your Own Ad

Clients may choose to design and submit their own ads. In this case, files should meet the below specifications and be submitted by the materials deadline to your account executive or info@familyandpetguide.com. 

Ad Dimensions: Always triple check your dimensions!

Full Page with Bleed
5.75”W x 8.625”H, after trim 5.25"W x 8.125"H
(please remember no text or vital portions of the background within a .25” margin on all sides, considered the live area and susceptible to cropping)


Full Page Inset Margin
4.75"W x 7.625"H


½ Page
Horizontal: 4.75"W x 3.75"H
Vertical: 2.625"W x 7.5625"H


¼ Page
Horizontal: 4.75"W x 1.75"H
Vertical: 2.625"W x 3.6875"H

  • The preferred PDF export setting is PDF/X-1a.

  • When creating a PDF, please embed your fonts

  • Resolution of images needs to be 300 DPI.

  • We do not accept Microsoft Publisher or PowerPoint files.

  • Do not reverse the ad dimensions. All dimensions are provided width x height.

  • We print using process color (CMYK), so files should not use any RGB, spot or indexed colors.

  • All black text should be 100% black (C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100) for readability.

  • Do not use text that is smaller than 7 point.

  • Use at least a 9-point bold font for any reversed text (white text that is on an image or color).

  • For files with bleeds, make sure to export with “Use Document Bleed Settings” box checked.

  • Photoshop Users: Please save as a 300 DPI, CMYK JPEG file, not as a PDF.


Ads Created By Us

Each advertising contract includes the opportunity to have our accomplished designers create an ad or series of ads based on your direction. Advertisers work directly with their account executive and receive an emailed ‘proof’ to ensure the accuracy and approval of all design and copy.

This service is offered at no extra cost with up to three rounds of revision when first creating the ad. You may choose to continue beyond three rounds of revision and editing, then an hourly design fee will be applied.

Advertisers can make updates to their ad(s) for subsequent issues at any time, provided the changes are received prior to the materials deadline. The three rounds of revision reset for each issue the ad appears in.

Please be prepared to provide detailed information about what content and imagery you wish to see in your ad. Submit this information to your account executive in one email or document. This helps ensure we most accurately interpret your direction.


  • High-res files (300 dpi) for all branded or proprietary images and logos (.jpg, .png, .pdf, .ai or .psd). We can assist in choosing stock imagery for generic pictures as needed

  • A write-up of all essential text to be included in the ad

  • Contact information to include: address, phone number, website, email

Helpful, not required:

  • Previous promotional materials that you may want us to reference for design

  • Link to your website if it uses a similar design to what you’d like to see in the ad

  • Mock-up or sketch of ad layout, if desired

Provide this information to your account executive and they will return a proof from our graphic design department for you to review.


Any changes you’d like to make to the first proof initiates the first round of revision. It is preferred that you take a moment to review the ad in its entirety and provide your changes in one exchange to ensure we are able to meet all requests accurately.


Advertising Terms & Conditions


The following are certain terms and conditions governing advertising published in the Family and Pet Guide (the “Directory”) for distribution in any media, including print and digital formats. Submission of insertion order for placement of advertising in the Directory constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions. No terms or conditions in any insertion orders, reservation orders, blanket contracts, instructions or documents other than this Rate Card will be binding on Lucy Studey-McKiddy  (“Publisher”), unless Publisher agrees to such terms and conditions in writing.

Agency Commission and Payment

1. Publisher may require payment for advertising upon terms determined by Publisher prior to publication of any advertisement.
2. Agency and advertiser are jointly and severally liable for the payment of all invoices arising from placement of advertising in the Directory and for all costs of collection of late payment.
3. If an account is placed with a collection agency or attorney for collection, all commissions and discounts will be rescinded or become null and void and the full advertising rate shall apply.
4. Agency commission (or equivalent): fifteen percent (15%) of gross advertising space charges, payable only to recognized agents.
5. Invoices are rendered on or about the 15th of each month. Payments are due upon receipt, with the following exceptions. For all advertising not placed through a recognized agent, payments at Rate Card rates must be received no later than the issue closing date. Prepayment is required if credit is not established prior to ten (10) business days prior to the issue closing date. All payments must be in United States currency.
6. No agency commission is payable, and Publisher will not grant any discounts, on production charges. Any discounts received by advertiser on ad space charges may not be applied to production charges.
7. Advertiser shall pay any applicable international, federal, state and local taxes on the printing of advertising materials and on the sale of ad space.

Cancellation and Changes

1. Publisher expressly reserves the right to reject or cancel for any reason at any time any insertion order or advertisement without liability, even if previously acknowledged or accepted. In the event of cancellation for default in the payment of bills, charges for all advertising published as of the cancellation date shall become immediately due and payable.
2. Advertisers may not cancel orders for, or make changes in, advertising after the issue closing date. In the event Publisher accepts cancellation after any of the foregoing deadlines, such acceptance must be in writing, and such cancellation may be subject to additional charges at Publisher’s discretion.
3. The conditions of advertising in the Directory are subject to change without notice. Publisher will announce ad rate changes thirty (30) days prior to the closing date of the issue in which the new rates take effect. Orders for subsequent issues will be accepted at the then-prevailing rates.


Publisher’s Liability

1. Publisher is not liable for any failure or delay in printing, publishing, or circulating any copies of the issue of the Directory in which advertising is placed that is caused by, or arising from, an act of God, accident, fire, strike, terrorism or other occurrence beyond Publisher’s control.
2. Publisher is not liable for any failure or delay in publishing in the Directory any advertisement submitted to it. Publisher does not guarantee positioning of advertisements in the Directory, is not liable for failure to meet positioning requirements and is not liable for any error in key numbers. PUBLISHER WILL TREAT ALL POSITION STIPULATIONS ON INSERTION ORDERS AS REQUESTS.
3. The liability of Publisher for any act, error or omission for which it may be held legally responsible shall not exceed the cost of the ad space affected by the error. In no event shall Publisher be liable for any indirect, consequential, special or incidental damages, including, but not limited to, lost income or profits.



1. Advertising agency and advertiser jointly and severally represent and warrant that each advertisement submitted by it for publication in the Directory contains no copy, illustrations, photographs, text or other content that may result in any claim against Publisher. Advertising agency and advertiser jointly and severally shall indemnify and hold harmless Publisher from and against any damages and related expenses (including attorneys’ fees) arising from the content of advertisements, including, but not limited to, claims of invasion of privacy, unauthorized use of names or pictures of living persons, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, libel and misrepresentation.
2. Publisher’s acceptance of an advertisement for publication in the Directory does not constitute an endorsement of the product or service advertised. No advertiser or agency may use the Directory’s name or logo without Publisher’s prior written permission for each such use.
3. The word “advertisement” will be placed above all advertisements that, in Publisher’s opinion, resembles editorial matter.
4. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida without regard to its conflicts of laws provisions. Any civil action or proceeding arising out of or related to this agreement shall be brought in the courts of record of the state of Florida in Polk County or the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Florida. Each advertiser and its agency consents to the jurisdiction of such courts and waives any objection to the laying of venue of any such civil action or proceeding in such courts.

Additional Copy and Contract Regulations

1. For advertising units less than full-page size, insertion orders must specify if advertisement is vertical or horizontal configuration. Insertion orders for all advertising units must state if advertisement carries a coupon.
2. Requested schedule of issues of ad insertions and size of ad space must accompany all insertion orders. Orders and schedules are accepted for the advertising by brand of product or service only and may not be re-assigned to other products or services or to affiliated companies without the consent of Publisher.

Questions about ad materials or the ad approval process? Contact us at (727) 220-8518 or info@familyandpetguide.com.​